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Get Permanent Makeup at Our Winter Park, FL Medspa

Your aesthetic needs need regular attention to ensure you stay beautiful throughout the years. Whether your methods of beautification are temporary or permanent, you need them to look flawless and highlight the natural allure you already have. 180 medspa wants to help you enhance your facial appeal with treatments you can be comfortable with while we apply them and as you live your daily life. Two options we offer at our Winter Park, FL medspa are eyelash extensions and permanent makeup. Imagine having the thick, long lashes you dream about and flawless makeup that you don’t have to scrub off or reapply. Our beauty specialists are ready to help you achieve your greatest level of beauty.

Beautiful woman

Eyelash Extensions to Accentuate Your Eyes

180 medspa offers Lavish Lash® Lash Lift to give you longer, fuller, and natural-looking lashes by bonding real or synthetic fiber hair into your natural lashes. Our talented aestheticians perform this painless and relaxing procedure with each set lasting two to four weeks, and you can swim, shower, and live your daily life with confidence that your extended lashes look amazing. If you’ve lost volume in your lashes or suffer from sparse and short hair growth in that area, eyelash extensions are a safe and effective method of enhancing your existing lashes. Lavish Lash® Lash Lift is a comfortable treatment that we perform fairly quickly to give you the long, full lashes you deserve. Our aesthetic experts make sure any treatment we provide fits your cosmetic needs and delivers high-quality results.

Enhance Your Beauty with Permanent Makeup

If your brows are sparse or asymmetrical, the aesthetic team at 180 medspa performs this 3D permanent makeup procedure by implanting a customized pigment under your skin that can never wash off. Periodic maintenance is usually necessary, and 180 medspa includes one touch-up free-of-charge four to six weeks after your initial treatment. People who have experienced hair loss from alopecia, chemotherapy, accidents, or aging, or those who cannot apply their own makeup, can benefit from micro-blading for their eyebrows. In addition to your eyebrows, we also offer permanent makeup to beautify to lips, eyeliner, and bald spots. Give us a call today to schedule a complimentary consultation and discuss any of our facial therapies in Winter Park, FL.

Get a Complimentary Consultation for Professional Cosmetic Care