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Exploring the Innovative Micro-Needling Facial Treatment

At 180 Medspa, we take pride in being Winter Park, FL’s meeting place of beauty and skin innovation. With an array of cutting-edge facial treatments, our revolutionary micro-needling facial treatment remains a patient favorite. Using state-of-the-art technology, discover how micro-needling rejuvenates your skin to unveil a youthful, radiant glow.

Micro-Needling Services in Winter Park, FL

What’s Different About Our Radio Frequency Micro-needling

It’s important to understand what’s micro-needling on its own. Micro-needling facials promote collagen and skin healing. However, when radio frequency is added, optimal results are garnered. Procell Micro-needling boasts adjustable needle depths, personalized treatment parameters, and integrated radio frequency energy to tighten skin with minimal discomfort, all while accommodating different skin types for unparalleled accuracy.

Micro-Needling Services in Winter Park, FL

What Is the Micro-needling Process?

During the radio frequency micro-needling process, ultrafine punctures are created in the skin using the microscopic needling device to stimulate your body’s inherent healing response, activating collagen and elastin production. The radio frequency then delivers heat to the deeper layers of the dermis to tighten tissue and promote collagen remodeling, helping alleviate the appearance of fine lines, uneven texture, scarring, and more.

Minimally Invasive & Pain-Free

Procell radio frequency micro-needling is designed for the comfort of the patient. The procedure is virtually painless and easy for our patients to relax through when they pursue this innovative technology for their skin.

What’s Micro-needling Used For?

There are many micro-needling benefits, as this versatile treatment can be used to address a range of skin conditions and areas of concern on many different skin types. Some of the common issues our patients look to resolve with radio frequency micro-needling include the following:

Micro-needling Recovery Benefits

Amongst the micro-needling benefits is its recovery advantages. Following the procedure, the skin will have open microchannels for approximately four to six hours, which permits serums and recovery agents to deeply penetrate the skin for enhanced results and prompt recovery. These serums and nourishing supplements may include growth factors, hyaluronic acid, and other clinical-grade cosmeceuticals.

Micro-Needling Services in Winter Park, FL

Micro-needling Downtime

There is minimal downtime associated with our remarkable Procell radio frequency micro-needling treatment. It’s normal to experience moderate redness and slight swelling post-treatment. However, these micro-needling side effects typically subside within under 24 hours. It’s important to follow post-treatment instructions to maximize micro-needling results, but you may immediately resume normal daily activities without compromising your treatment.

Enhance Your Skin With 180 Medspa

If you’re ready to enhance your skin with a safe, highly effective, minimally invasive, and virtually pain-free treatment, 180 Medspa is here to accommodate your Procell Radio Frequency Micro-needling aspirations. Our medical aesthetic professionals are backed by decades of combined experience and are dedicated to personalized care and unrivaled results that allow you to look and feel your best.

Winter Park, FL’s Leaders In Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Services

If you’re ready to unlock your skin’s full potential, 180 Medspa is your trusted partner in outstanding anti-aging and cosmetic services that seamlessly enhance your natural beauty with long-lasting results. Explore our cutting-edge laser treatments and turn back the clock with our injectables and specialized facials to renew, rejuvenate, and reveal your most radiant glow.

Schedule Your Micro-needling Treatment

If you’re ready for the micro-needling benefits, 180 Medspa is here to make it happen with Procell Radio Frequency Micro-needling that transforms your skin to restore your most youthful radiance. Contact our friendly medical aesthetic professionals today to begin your journey with micro-needling.

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