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LHR (Laser Hair Removal)

Many of 180 medspa’s clients enjoy having long, luxurious locks of hair streaming from their heads, but they wince at the unwanted hair growth on their chest, legs, underarms, and other areas of their bodies. At our medspa in Winter Park, FL, we help clients reduce the hair growth in selected areas of their faces and bodies using LHR (laser hair removal). This method of eliminating hair is safe and painless, and it’s a permanent solution to getting rid of unwelcome patches of hair. Imagine not worrying anymore about maintaining smooth legs and arms. With LHR treatments, the hair of your back, chest, legs, arms, and other areas is as good as gone. 180 medspa proudly serves clients throughout Winter Park, Maitland, and Orlando to help them achieve the smooth, hairless look they desire without razors, clippers, or chemicals.

Laser Hair Removal in Winter Park, FL

Reduce Hair Growth with LHR at 180 medspa

At our medspa, we use IPL (intense pulsed light) to reduce hair growth on your face and body permanently. This outstanding treatment method removes hair by targeting the pigment found in your hair follicle or shaft. Using a specific light wavelength, the pulsed light heats the base of your follicle and damages the cells that are responsible for growing your hair. This process is carried out by our nurse practitioner. The treatment is painless, and men and women end up ridding themselves of their unwanted hair. It’s common for patients to require several treatments to achieve long-lasting results. Our nurse practitioner will assess your hair growth and determine the best treatment plan with LHR to ensure you get the results you desire for reduced hair on your face and body.

Schedule Treatment to Get a Smooth Face & Body

180 medspa wants to help you enjoy the Florida sun and show off your skin without the hassles of shaving, trimming, or applying chemical solutions to remove unwanted hair. With our laser hair removal treatments, you’ll get the smooth skin you want with permanent results.

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